In other pages on this website, you can find information about the play, my co-writer Rod Menzies, our lyricist/composer, John Mercurio, and other items of interest. I am creating this page to address questions that have been coming up on the blogs on this site, the Remembering With Hope book site, and the WOCHA site (Women of Color Health Awareness).

We will NOT be answering questions that will be covered in the play or the book. You'll have to either buy the book or see the play to get those answers. That makes sense, right?

We WILL be answering questions like where to get help with:
1. HIV, Hep C and STD testing
2. Domestic abuse issues
3. Sexual abuse issues

But in the cases where he CAN answer, he will try to, either in person or on the FAQ. Sometimes he may decide that I could give a better answer to a question, due to my being a woman, or being straight, or simply having a different history from which to respond.

When it comes to abuse, both emotional and sexual, John does not claim a monopoly.

My solo show "not a nice girl" deals with those issues. (You can get more info about that by clicking the cheryl king productions button)

John and I have much in common, and these days it includes our powerful interest in these websites, and the discussions they are provoking.
I hope you will read the FAQ pages, after we get them up, and that you'll let us know how we can improve them, or if they help you at all.
Thanks so much for your passionate interest,
Cheryl King

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