Al Hirschfeld Drawing reproduced by special arrangement with Hirschfelds exclusive representative,

The Margo Feiden Galleries, NY


Arturo's Window

Thursday, July 26


I am just writing a short note today, as I have to take the little dogs out for a walk.

I want everyone to know that I am forming WOCHA, Women of Color Health Awareness, to address the issues that women of color face with HIV. I promised my very dear friend Verna that I would do this.  

This does NOT mean that I will quit being an advocate for the rights of men with HIV. While I was in prison, I was an advocate for men with HIV and Hepatitis C.

I have never quit being an advocate for the rights of people with HIV--gay, straight, male, female, they all need our help.


John's page

Thursday, July 26


I played myself in the first three readings of the play. The play was still in the development stage, and we were testing out whether it was better to have me in it or not. When we did the reading at the York, another actor played me, and we saw how it was better.

I did not get kicked out of the cast.

I did not demand a salary (there is no money, no one is getting paid - yet)

I voluntarily gave up the role, because I want the audience  to enjoy the show without worrying about the real person on the stage (me) and how the scenes are affecting him.

I am happy to support the play, to promote it, and to watch it. I don't need to be in it.

Thursday, August 2


It's funny to me how many people still believe I have a stash of money sitting around to use for play production, or CD making, or trips to the Caribbean.

Believe me, if I had money, I wouldn't be dogsitting!

I was an amateur criminal, I didn't plan it in advance and I didn't think about the future. So I didn't put any money away for a rainy day.

Arturo's Window, the play, only exists because Cheryl King and her collaborators have worked on it for free.

The mainstage production we have in mind will require a large budget, and no one on the team has that kind of money. We are hoping that the quality of the play and the interest it is creating will attract the kind of funds we need.

If you know any angels or investors, please have them contact Cheryl via the contact page on this website.

Jerome Records Remembering With Hope

Sunday, August 19


Today I passed by the local street fruit vendor and spotted some gorgeous New Jersey tomatoes. I bought a bunch, and some yellow peppers and am now up to my elbows in tomatoes, making a sauce.

It's funny, how much pleasure I get now out of the smaller things in life. These small things are actually big things. I don't have to be in a 5-star restaurant to enjoy eating.

I don't have to wear Versace to be happy with the way I look. Just last week Cheryl gave me a birthday party and, unlike most of my birthday parties, it was a small and intimate affair. It was casual, and we had Sangria, and Mexican food, and the people who came are people who love me and who I love back.

I am happy. How wonderful to be able to say that.